The FED Really Isn’t The FED: Part I


Conservative, Liberal, Left Wing, Right Wing, Republican, Democrat, Acrobat, Who-Dat, Tea Party or Frat Party. Doesn’t really matter. We’re all pretty pissed off about the same things. Around the top of that mutual list is Our Economy, which is in the toilet and the debt. Which might as well be paid with the toilet paper next to the toilet. And it’s all Obama’s fault.

There is a reason every four years there are two people bragging about how much they are going to pay down the national debt only to fall deaf, dumb and mute about once someone is a elected into the Oval Office. Year after year nothing has changed yet we still seem to keep accepting what we are not being told. Waiting on the next guy to do something about it has been just as effective. After all is said and done the predecessor is much like that secret Santa that re-gifts every year for the office Christmas party. Well I’d imagine that’s how the fat cat bankers like it.

1775. The American Revolution. The original colonist had ample reason to declare independence from England. Revolt was virtually cemented when King George III outlawed the colonies’ independent, debt free currency that was being produced. This forced colonist to burrow from The Bank of England. This led to widespread poverty and hardship. To be free from the oppression of a central bank was a driving force for independence.

A Central Bank’s primary function is to issue and regulate a nation’s currency. However a central bank also controls the interest rates and inflation. The problem is in the practice. Central banks do not issue currency to the government. It loans it. And


What do all loans have attached to them? That’s right. Interest. Every single note created has to be repaid to the central bank WITH interest. This is the digital age. The majority of currency exists as ones and zeroes. Only around 7% is actually paper money. So take I wild guess as to where the money comes from that pays that interest. From the central bank. So the government, more specifically its constituents, incur more debt to pay the debt. Rather vicious isn’t it? This self generating debt only equates to one way. Slavery.

I’d bet a months toilet paper our Founding Fathers wrote Article I Section VIII of The United States Constitution for a very good reason. Among the many powers given to Congress in this Article. The regulation and coining of money is the responsibility of CONGRESS.



When you control a nations currency you control their debt. When you control their debt, you control that country. It doesn’t really matter who was supposedly was elected to run the country. By the early twentieth century at least two central banks had been established. Their charters were allowed to expire after American Citizens became weary. These banks were maneuvered in place by banking interests not by the government. These guys didn’t give up on their dreams though. Before I go on the it’s worth mentioning that the government never really got it’s crap together in establishing a national currency. Even back then our elected officially couldn’t agree on anything long enough to get anything done. It left the door open for the fat cats to impose their will on all of us. And that’s exactly what they did.


 Part II almost done! Check back soon!