Who Brought Democracy to North America?


Supposedly this continent was a land of uncivilized savages before the white man show up. Reality could not be further from the truth. What I remember from grade school and what I’ve learned in adulthood don’t quite seem to fit either.

The same people we are suppose to be honoring every third Thursday in November are the same ones who gave us the model from which our government was fashioned. Granted, the “G” word is more foul than now days than swearing in church on Easter Sunday. If you have ever seen other parts of our fair world you could agree that ours is a lesser of evils. Besides, we can’t blame the Native Americans for our governments faults. Especially since we omitted critical parts from the model we were given.

That famous first line of The Constitution of The United States Of America “We the people to form a nation…” is pretty much a direct quote from one of the chieftains of The Iroquois Confederacy during a conference in which their constitution was dictated and interpreted for the men who authored our own.

The Iroquois League of Nations, as they were also known, had five original members. There was a sixth added later. The Mohawk, The Oneida, The Onondaga, The Cayuga, The Seneca and eventually The Tuscarora. Each had their own lands with set borders. And all sixth abided by the same constitution, The Iroquois Book of The Great Law. Each nation’s chiefs had specific powers and duties that were separate yet checked by another. Sound familiar? Many of these duties and power can be interpreted as an executive function, legislative , and judicial. Sound familiar?

There was, in many ways still is a deliberate and fundamental omission in the U.S. version of the Iroquois system. The deliberate exclusion of women in government highlights more than just the political differences. It reflects badly own our culture. It is understood all over the world how vitally important a mother’s role is to the success of each and every household. She is the foundation of family. Everyone at some point in their life, in some way, has to answer to mom. The Iroquois Book of The Great Law called for nothing less.

A clan mother’s political might was considerable. The Council of Mothers was notified of every topic under debate by the Council Chiefs BEFORE it was put to vote. Which happened after the Chiefs received word of the Mothers vote. Clan mothers chose their chiefs (To be sanction later by the Council Chiefs). The mothers had the power to remove a chief if he failed in his duties or was suspected of putting his needs before that of the clan’s. Clan mothers had veto power over treaties and declarations of war as well. If a law or custom needed to be changed or removed a two-thirds majority approval was required from the council of mothers.

The Iroquois culture was much more evolved than that thrust upon the land bythe new arrivals to. Iroquois women owned property before and during marriage. They were allowed to perform whatever work they desired. Unlike the rest of the world, social status was determined the mother and the children belonged to her clan. Descent and inheritance passed through maternal lines. Hell, a chief’s sister was responsible for naming his successor.

It is still debated when this Iroquois Confederacy first came to be. There wasn’t much in the way of writing so it is difficult to be precise as far as timeline goes. Some say as early as 1390 AD. Others says between 1450 to 1500 AD. Either way it was long before white settlers made it to North America. The Iroquois Confederacy survived until the American Revolution. The nations split. Some siding with the Americans and the some with the English.

I hope this leads you to read more. Do you work own research. I certainly did. It led me to all sorts of different subjects. Like the documentaries I posted last week. I was forced to check my own ideologies on politics, government and society in general. In researching this I that the Native Americans held multiple thanksgivings every year. Not just one. I hope you continue to question what you learn. Then learn more. there are those wish to keep us ignorant so we keep them elite.

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